The Art of Growing Pink Lady® Apples

Born of good earth, pure water and clear skies a crisp Pink Lady® apple represents life at its natural green best. Just as an artist creates a masterpiece on canvas so our growers give our apples round-the-clock attention and care so that only the best apples are given the Pink Lady® seal of approval.

The art of growing Pink Lady®

Pink Lady® apples are allowed to linger longer on their trees to absorb more of nature’s goodness and develop their characteristic radiance and sweet refreshing taste. Packed with freshness and delivered with care, make healthy living a part of your active lifestyle with Pink Lady® – naturally!


Pink Lady® Apple Facts

  • About 10% of a Pink Lady® apple is made up of carbohydrates and contains dietary fibre in both the skin and core.
  • Approximately 4% of a Pink Lady® apple is made up of vitamins and minerals. The rest of the apple, more than 80%, is made up of water.
  • An average 100g Pink Lady® apple contains about 50 calories

Pink Lady® apples excel in fresh salads and pies, are very good for sauces and freezing, great for baking, and just plain delicious when eaten on their own!
The sweet, tangy taste and natural refreshing fizz of Pink Lady® apples turn everyday recipes into something really special.