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Pink Lady® Apple Recipes: Mouthwatering Mains

Mouthwatering Pink Lady® Recipes

An explosion of flavour – that’s a Pink Lady® Apple. Even when cooked or baked, the sweet flavour remains prominent and the skin rosy. The apples soften when baked, but will not become floury or lose their shape. All the more reason to cook with them.

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Pink Lady® apples with ricotta & bacon

Pink Lady® apple & pork potsticker recipe

Slow roasted pork belly with Pickled Pink Lady® apples

Pink Lady® Apple French toast pockets with bacon

Basic homemade white bread

Oat and Pink Lady® apple breakfast loaf

Pink Lady® and gruyère galette

Pulled beef and Pink Lady® sandwiches

Winter Apple Salad

Pink Lady® steak and apple bowl

Pork rashers with Pink Lady® slaw

Pink Lady® Waldorf Salad

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